“It's not the destination that is so important, it's the people you meet along the way”.

Updated: Jun 29, 2019

Nothing could be more true with regards to our Bohemian Sampler in May 2019 when we traveled together on a coach tour through Austria, Slovenia, Slovakia, Croatia, Czechia and Hungary.

38 people are brought together by their search for travel in Europe.

38 people, ranging in age from their twenties to their eighties, in couple and/or family relationships looking for a low cost tour of Europe. The tour provided us with a sample of 6 different countries, with the guidance of our fearless leader Gregori.

Some of the participants have experienced bus tours previously and some have not. Most were uncertain of what to expect in terms of comfort, accommodation, culture, and weather. The group were brought together by their love of travel, people, culture, history, shopping, eating and drinking. The best characteristics and attributes of each individual and couple/family are exposed as the days go on.

As we settle into our comfort zones with each other, senses of humour, sarcasm and love of laughter rise above. Early mornings on the road with some grumbling of the early hour, and/or lack of sleep gradually evolve back into the fun of a new find as we visit the next location on the itinerary. All of us are wiser thanks to the narration and knowledge of Gregori, local guides, and our bus drivers.

Every day is like Christmas while we individually unwrap our surroundings and discoveries of new towns, new countries, new languages, new currencies, new tastes, new traditions, new friends, and finally new beds for the night after another full day.

Our conversations are light and jovial among the group as we take photos for each other and of each other, in the beautiful settings of Central Europe at each stop. We share meals and excursions with members of our group every day.

These times have become precious memories and life is richer from meeting each and everyone. The camaraderie we built in all directions was divine!

That anticipation that we experienced each morning that something new and exciting will be in front of us will dissipate after a couple of days. We will all return to our normals and this trip will be in the past. May we always look forward to the day ahead with the excitement we have for the past 12 days.

Everyday can be like a new adventure even in your own world.

Thank you for your part in this wonderful story.

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